If you need help with your China business during the pandemic, contact us.

Shanghai Support Group (SSG) is a newly formed China-based executive volunteer group that provides free consultation to international corporations and executives who are unable to conduct their China-related businesses during the travel restrictions in the Covid-19 Pandemic.

SSG's Email hotline, Initial Consultation Center, and a Resource Directory have been put together to address the critical needs for speedy information gathering, initial problem assessment, decision-making strategy and access to professional services in China.

Most of SSG’s volunteers are foreign and Chinese executives based in China who have broad living, working, and problem-solving experience in China. They are from the Advisory, Management, Legal, Banking, IT, Investment, Human Resources, and Travel sectors, and together, they will donate a part of their time and knowledge to help those in need of local knowledge, presentation, and execution.

As business owners, executives and professionals, we cannot assess the impact of border closings, travel bans, social distancing, and remote working. However, we certainly can help each other out during these times. We only win by working together and for sure tomorrow will be better than yesterday.


Hotline: +86 (21) 6157 7421

Email: ssg@kuancapital.com

Website: http://kuancapital.com/ssg

Address: Infinitus Tower, 168 Hubin Road - Suite 26033, Shanghai, China 200021

Michael Kuan

Chairman of Kuan Capital

Phone: +86 139 1666 9797

Email: mkuan@kuancapital.com

Gary Morris

CEO of CAFL, President of Judge China (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Phone: +86 136 1622 1170



Shanghai Support Group (SSG) is a group of volunteers who are organized on a voluntary and temporary basis to provide assistance and advice in dealing with the pandemic in China. All liabilities in connection with or arising from any advice and assistance so provided by SSG are hereby disclaimed, and in no event shall any member of Shanghai Support Group be liable for losses or damages of any amount or kind arising out of or in any way connected with your use of this website or advice and assistance provided by SSG. By accessing the website, information and content of SSG, you have accepted and agreed to the liability disclaimer described above.

Information Updates

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"An interesting Japanese-made documentary shows what Nanjing did to contain the virus"

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