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"The Future Is Asia"


Asia constitutes 60% of the global population and 42% of GDP worldwide, and is the market to advance global innovation, digital revolution, and green living.

Kuan Capital is an Asia based investment and asset management firm.


We provide funding and merchant banking services to co-innovation ventures between the East and West.


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At Kuan Capital, we identify, structure, and invest in cross-border ventures which are based on collaboration and win-win.

Our Co-Innovation Investment Strategy enables global assets, technologies, and innovation stakeholders to expand into Asia with interest aligned partners, reduced intellectual property and currency risks, and opportunities for profits.

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As pioneers and hands-on investors, our team has enjoyed investment success in the Asian market since the early ‘90s, from TMT to Biotech, renewable resources, and digital solutions.


Our international partners and strategic alliances are from China, Israel, Japan, and the U.S.

Kuan Capital

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